IT Giant Fujitsu Is Launching a ‘Ready-to-Go’ Blockchain Service

IT giant Fujitsu is launching a new consultancy service that it claims will deliver a “ready-to-go” minimum viable product in just five days.

According to The Register, prices for the service start at €9,900 and will include everything from basic introductory lessons on blockchain technology to assessments of the proposed use case and the building of a prototype by day five.

From there, clients can choose to fork out more cash to have the product further developed or walk away with the work as it stands.

Chris Pilling, lead architect at Fujitsu’s Blockchain Innovation Centre, which opened back in March, explained, “It would be great to say, yes, we’ve met the proof of business and they want to get the global blockchain team involved… [but] we allow the customer to go away and play with the prototype.”

This “proof of business” approach, in contrast to a proof-of-concept, is a way for clients to run through a business process that focuses on creating “business value” and avoids common “pitfalls” of blockchain projects, according to Frederik de Breuck, head of the Blockchain Innovation Centre.

The overall aim of the service is either to provide a fast way to kick off new blockchain development or to improve blockchain projects already in development…

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