Japan Set to Finally Reject a Cryptocurrency Exchange

After approving 16 cryptocurrency exchanges, the Japanese financial regulator is reportedly set to reject a crypto exchange application for the first time. The applicant is an exchange which has been suspended twice from carrying out any crypto activities and received two business improvement orders.

The First Rejection

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) is reportedly preparing to reject an application to operate a crypto exchange in the country. “The first time it has done so,” Nikkei reported, adding:

The decision follows the ministry’s conclusion that Yokohama-based FSHO lacks the necessary systems to operate its business…By barring an exchange operator that it has found to be substandard, the agency aims to demonstrate its determination to re-establish a sound currency trading environment in Japan.

FSHO is a “deemed dealer” or “quasi-operator” of cryptocurrencies in Japan, meaning it has been allowed to operate a crypto exchange while its application with the FSA is being reviewed. There are 16 deemed dealers altogether. However, the agency said recently that 8 of them have indicated that they will withdraw their applications.

Meanwhile, Japan has 16 fully-licensed cryptocurrency exchanges and about 100 companies are seeking to enter the space including Yahoo! Japan, Line Corp, and Coinbase.

Suspended with Corrective Orders

Besides Coincheck which was hacked in January, FSHO is the only other crypto exchange in Japan to receive two punishment orders from the FSA. The first was on March 8 and the second on April 6…

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