Job Opportunities in Blockchain in 2018

It is no secret that Blockchain technologies are on the rise. Businesses across a variety of industries are aware that Blockchain technologies have the ability to mitigate transfer and operational costs, increase transaction speed, and eliminate the need for parties to put their trust in an intermediary. Blockchain technologies also have a number of use cases in industries  where the Blockchain can provide businesses with a more secure method of record keeping.

Each day, more and more businesses have been inquiring with professionals on how to incorporate Blockchain technologies into their business model.  Concurrently, the demand for employees in the Blockchain industry has been on the rise and is expected to thrive in the new year.

In 2018, there will be many opportunities for individuals to work in the Blockchain industry. Here are a few careers in the Blockchain industry that will be in high demand in 2018.

Project manager

Businesses are interested in incorporating Blockchain solutions to optimize their businesses. That being said, Businesses will need to communicate their ideas to a Blockchain company who is able to meet their demands. To do this, there will need to be an individual to facilitate the projects that arise as the Blockchain company takes on more clients. A project manager in the blockchain industry will need to be able to convert the businessman’s english to a developer’s technical language, and from developers technical language back to the businessman’s english, so that the fintech company and the business interested in incorporating Blockchain technology can successfully do so.

A project manager is often the first person in a company who is contacted when a business looking to incorporate Blockchain technologies into their platform reaches out to a Blockchain company that can make that possible. It is the project manager’s responsibility to plan and supervise the execution of a project.

Community support

Blockchain technologies have been all over the media lately. Recently, there has been a large influx of people investing in cryptocurrencies, interested in incorporating Blockchain models into their businesses, and users of decentralized applications.

It just so happens that a majority of these people have never dealt with the Blockchain or cryptocurrencies ever before in their life–which is no surprise, Blockchain technology is not even 10 years old yet!

Therefore, there will need to be individuals who can troubleshoot the problems that users are likely to have at some point in their experience on the new Blockchain related applications and platforms

At this point in time, the knowledge regarding Blockchain technology is rather esoteric, so there is going to be a large demand for individuals who understand Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies and can troubleshoot and solve the problems that at least some individuals in the Blockchain community are bound to have…

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