Judgement Day! Conspiracy Group Claims Bitcoin Created by Rogue AI

A new Bitcoin conspiracy theory has emerged online, claiming that the cryptocurrency was created by a rogue artificial intelligence.

Prowl the dark corners of the internet and you’ll stumble across some pretty wild ramblings. The net has allowed people who once had their opinions confined to friends and family the ability to broadcast their beliefs to the entire world. The world of cryptocurrency has now been submerged into the fantastical world of conspiracy theories. An intriguing Bitcoin conspiracy theory is that the virtual currency was created by a rogue AI.

Did Skynet Create Bitcoin?

This conspiracy theory concerning Bitcoin is promoted by a YouTube channel called UFO Today, which focuses on UFO phenomenon. However, the channel has strayed into crypto territory with a video promoting the idea that an artificial intelligence is responsible for the creation of Bitcoin.

According to the UFO Today video:

Would it be possible that the reason for the bitcoin code to be so perfect, is the fact that the code wasn’t created by a single extremely skilled developer or even a team of skilled developers. Instead, could the code have been generated by a highly advanced artificial intelligence? Think about it, bitcoin just happened.

Satoshi Nakamoto Not Human?

As for the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, UFO Today has an answer: he’s not a real person. Apparently, he’s an advanced AI who created the cryptocurrency in order to get clueless people to expand its network and processing power…

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