Lendoit & RSK creates a decentralized BTC lending future together

In about 2 weeks, Lendoit will launch its official token Pre-sale, but it can’t wait to reveal the secret that will change the future of decentralized BTC lending, which the company has entered together with the largest and most promising blockchain-based project, The RSK Project.

What are the partners doing?

Right from Argentina is Rootstock or popularly called RSK. This company is well-known for its open-source smart contract stage which has a 2-dimensional peg to Bitcoin. Amazingly, RSK uses merge-mining to reward bitcoin miners and give them the chance to be part of the smart contract ecosystem.

The Goal? To ensure that the highest level of functionality and value is added to the entire bitcoin ecosystem through the use of smart contracts, increased scalability, and near-instant payments. To achieve their goal, RSK, at the largest blockchain and bitcoin meetup in Latin America, announced the coming into being of their Bamboo, MainNet Network, which will be in beta version but will be the first to enable a smart contract peg with blockchain tech.

For Lendoit, the only sentence that qualifies it very well is that it is “the next generation of p2p lending platforms”. And yes, the company knows how to play the game. It is the meeting point for both borrowers and lenders, a large, decentralized marketplace with a global network of scorers and underwriters for seamless operations…

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