Letting Artificial Intelligence Control Your Investment Portfolio

Perhaps you’ve been in line at the market, and you choose the line to pay that is the shortest. But you realize that the other line is moving much faster. So you switch lines, hoping to save some time. Suddenly the customer at the front of your line gets into a fight with the cashier. You switch back, but now you’re two people further back in the line you originally started with. How in the world is it possible to pick the winner?

The same issues happen with investing. Sometimes it seems that your investment is the only red line on a chart of greens. You sell your position to switch to a new one that seems to be growing, only to suddenly watch that one drop as well. It seems impossible to pick a winner.

However, a new platform is applying advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to investing in order to produce the best possible solution for investment. The company, called Mirocana, has built a platform that creates simulations through AI, and then invests for you in the best possible performing simulation, highly increasing your chances at investment success.

How it works

The proprietary platform starts with raw data from a wide variety of sources. The data comes from news, articles, quotes and market data, and is input into the platform. From there, the data is assessed by a wide variety of trading strategies designed by the Mirocana team. Strategies are being considered and edited daily for accuracy and return.

After various simulations take the input predictions from all the available strategies, they use deep-learning neural nets to maximise profit and minimize risk. The best possible simulation from all potential options is chosen and implemented. The company has also created an automatic and fast-processing stop loss so that all products can be nearly instantaneously converted into cash in case of an emergency…

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