Limited Edition Bitcoin Pens: A New Type of IPO (Initial Pen Offering)

Limited supply, cheaper if you buy earlier, price will increase with each round. Is this an ICO? No, it’s Bitcoin Pens!

Luxury Pens meets Cryptocurrency

When it comes to fountain pens, Ancora is the definition of beauty. This Italian company was founded in the early half of the last century after the founder, Giuseppe Zanini, opened his first ever factory. The firm has always favored craftsmanship over mass production, and to this day produce some of the finest and most luxurious pens on the market. This month, they’re releasing their Crypto-Currency collection, the first of the collection being the limited edition “Bitcoin Pens.”

A set number of pens are being manufactured, similar to the “limited supply” concept that is prevalent in many cryptocurrencies today. Two styles of the pen are being offered, roller ball and fountain. Ancora is only selling 888 roller ball pens, each with a personal production number etched into the bottom. The fountain pens will be even more exclusive, with only 88 ever to be produced.

The First Physical Item ICO

Ancora is also following the ICO format for selling the pens. The pre-production stage, which is sadly over, offered the pens for 25% off to those looking to get in early. The full production stage, which began on January 5, will run through the end of the month. The pens will be sold for the production price which is still half off retail. Once the production stage ends, the pens will be sold for full retail price…

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