Mainstream Adoption of Bitcoin Throughout South Korea is Growing

Some of South Korea’s most influential financial institutions and service providers have begun to integrate bitcoin into their existing infrastructures, increasing the liquidity of the digital currency for general consumers in the country.

Hyosung, a Major ATM Manufacturer, Integrates Bitcoin

Hyosung, the most significant ATM manufacturer in South Korea, has officially integrated bitcoin brokerage services into their domestic and internationally distributed ATMS.

The Just.Cash ATM model of Hyosung enables existing bank and commercial ATMs to operate as one-way bitcoin ATMs, allowing existing users to purchase bitcoin through the machine.

For existing tens of thousands of Hyosung ATM operators, a simple software update completes the entire bitcoin integration process, without the necessity of installing new hardware or additional equipment.

In 2013, Coinplug introduced nearly 20,000 bitcoin ATMs in different convenient stores in South Korea. Users of the service could use these ATMs to buy bitcoin and also sparked the implementation of Hyosung ATMs domestically…

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