Markets Update: Bitcoin Bulls Push the Price Above $8600

The price of bitcoin (BTC/XBT) has spiked once again, reaching a new all-time high of $8,649 per BTC across global exchanges. A few days ago the price dipped below the $8K range, but subsequently rebounded to the $8200 region holding some stability. Now on November 25, markets have kicked into high gear pushing bitcoin’s value to new heights.

Bitcoin’s Price Touches a High of $8,649 Across Exchanges

Bitcoin is at it again surpassing all new price highs across global exchanges. BTC prices are hovering between $8,540-8,600 at 9:30 am EDT. At the moment bitcoin trade volume is roaring, as trading platforms are swapping roughly $4.4B USD worth of BTC over the past 24-hours. During the early hours of November 25, the price started climbing above the $8300 territory but didn’t stop there. The Japanese yen is still the dominating currency by volume, at the moment, followed by the U.S. dollar and South Korean won trailing behind. The top five exchanges trading the most volume this weekend include Bitfinex, Bithumb, Poloniex, Hitbtc, and GDAX. Although, bitcoin dominance is around 52 percent of the aggregated total of all cryptocurrencies, and this is due to a few altcoins gaining steam as well…

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