Meet The MIT Graduate Working On A Cheaper, Decentralized Option To Cloud Computing and Blockchain

Cloud computing is a $247 billion dollar market that is dominated by the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. These major players offer centralized computing for a variety of uses ranging from backing up your company’s data to producing big data analytics remotely.  However, there has been an interest in decentralized cloud computing as a cheaper option for businesses that cannot afford the prices set by incumbent providers. In addition, the potential for  decentralized cloud computing can open up the doors to cryptocurrency mining for those who do not have the expensive computing infrastructure needed to ‘mine’ for these digital currencies such as Bitcoin.  Ryan Robinson, a recent graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has built a startup named Conduit to address these emerging needs in the cloud computing and blockchain markets, respectively.

At first glance, it would not seem that Ryan Robinson would be interested in cloud computing, let alone technology. The Miami-Dade County native always viewed himself as an artsy kid. His main interests were poetry, music, and writing.  You were more likely to find him reciting the works of Keats and Yeats than immersing himself in code. But Robinson never viewed the arts as separate from technology. He saw technology as a form of art, as expression resonating with you and fulfilling a need at the same time. Robinson’s held technology in its purest form as bettering mankind. His unfettered belief in technology driving positive change drove him to apply to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

During his time at MIT, he indulged in his two passions, physics and literature. Robinson found inspiration in the legendary physicist, Richard Feynman. He read his biography, Quantum Man: Richard Feynman’s Life in Science the summer before coming to the Institute. Feynman’s last major contribution to science was postulating the fundamentals of quantum computing, an area that Robinson was only beginning to take interest in. The idea of quantum computing was planted in his head, and would continue to grow as he nurtured his mind with knowledge of the topic through his studies. His pursuit of quantum computing was solidified after he aced an advanced physics class focused on the subject. Robinson went to go on to take graduate level physics courses as an undergraduate, further cementing his understanding of quantum physics and computing. He wanted to put his knowledge to practical use by figuring out a way to bring quantum computing to the masses through his startup, Conduit…

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