Meet the Startup Everybody in Europe is Talking About: Neufund

Neufund, a Blockchain equity platform from Berlin, has managed to raise more than $11 mln so far and is announcing one more funding round today.

Zoe Adamovicz, Neufund’s co-founder and CEO  has shared the platform success story, her views on the current market and tips for ICO enthusiasts.

1. First of all, congratulations on raising  $11.6 mln from private investors! How did you manage to do that?

Actually we raised this capital from both private and institutional investors – from the venture capital firms, business angels and the cryptocommunity.  I believe a big part of our success is owed to the fact that since the inception of Neufund we were catering to both – the cryptocommunity, and the broader tech community, startups, VC investors, tech enthusiasts and so on.

Neufund is a platform to make actual equity investments using Blockchain – something many of the current token issuers and investors want, but which is not happening due to relative technical and regulatory complexity.

In the Neufund platform, on the one hand, we enable the cryptocommunity to get real equity in companies they invest in, represented by equity tokens. On the other hand, we open a channel for EUR investors to invest in equity tokens without the need of purchasing cryptocurrencies on the exchanges. Through this, we connect the off- and on-chain world.

Thanks to building this bridge between the crypto and the venture capital world, we were able to attract investors from both sides, and of course, this was very helpful.

In fact, we have built around Neufund a community of all kinds of investors who share the same goal – to remove unnecessary barriers that prevent the alliance of inventors and investors, who seek transparency, trustless-trust and a direct alliance of founders with those who believe in their success.

We just announced some of our most prominent investors who participated in the pre-sale in the past few days.

It is a fantastic and a very diverse crowd, from core Ethereum developers, to professional VCs, business angels, cryptoinvestors and even Oscar winning movie producers, like Dario Suter, Max Kordek (Lisk Foundation), Julian Zawistowski (Golem Project), Michael Jackson (Mangrove Capital), Philipp Freise (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co), Piotr Wilam (Innovation Nest), Fabian Vogelsteller (Ethereum Mist, ERC20), Max Niederhofer (Sunstone Capital), Eric Wahlforss (SoundCloud), Brian Fabian Crain, Christophe Maire (Atlantic Labs). It shows that Neufund is a platform for everybody and that Blockchain is a technology for everybody.

You can find the full list on our Medium.

2. Could you describe how your platform is set up to run?

In order to understand Neufund as a decentralized fundraising platform, one needs to grasp two aspects of the project:

Firstly, Neufund provides a possibility to issue and invest in Equity Tokens, which represent shares in companies. Secondly, and more importantly for the cryptocommunity, Neufund is a decentralized ecosystem. It is owned by the community of investors, including those that I mentioned before. This ownership is represented by Neufund token, Neumark.

The two main types of actors on the platform are investors and companies. Investors bring capital to the platform and look for interesting investment opportunities in companies. Companies are businesses of various kinds that look for funding by offering part or all of their shares to investors. The fundamental transaction of the platform is investment​, where investors become shareholders in companies via Equity Token Offerings (ETO)…

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