Mimblewimble Just Launched Its First Testnet

The experimental blockchain network mimblewimble has launched on testnet.

Known for its creative use of Harry Potter references, the project was proposed last year by a cryptographer going by the pseudonym “Tom Elvis Jedusor” (French for Harry Potter’s archnemesis Lord Voldemort). And while such trappings may make it silly to some, developers are serious about the tech – arguing it improves scalability and privacy with cutting-edge cryptography.

Now, the team behind the effort is taking its first step toward putting the code to the test.

As explained by lead developer Ignotus Peverell, the testnet will offer a workshop of sorts for developers, complete with fake coins that allow them to detect (and correct) issues before launching a version with real money on the line.

The developer went on to explain that with the testnet (called testnet1) up and running, a few developers are mining and running the nodes that follow the cryptocurrency’s unique rules.

He told CoinDesk: […]

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