Montana is Home to New 53 Acre, $75 Million Bitcoin Mining Facility

This week, the cities of Butte and Anaconda, Montana, learned bitcoin mining company Crypto Watt LLC secured 53 acres on which they plan to invest at least 75 million USD to facilitate the process of how the world’s most popular cryptocurrency’s transactions are authenticated and confirmed.

Montana to be a Bitcoin Mining Hub

Just two months ago, MSE Technologies in Butte, Montana employed 50 engineers. Today, it’s contracting like crazy, shedding half its work staff, selling off its holdings, and trying to stay afloat amid tax arrears going back three years and other fiscal headaches. It’s perhaps a real life metaphor for out with the old, in with the new.

Companies like MSE were propped up by subsidies and Acts of Congress as far back as the 1970s, when over 150 million USD in tax dollars went to build the sprawling 53 acre site. As congress was reigned in a tad with regard to earmarks, money dried up and so did the MSE business.

Dan Burrell

Whereas government cheese-dependent business has been vanquished, a new kid has come to town, Crypto Watt, part of holding company The Burrell Group. Its companies include osteopathic colleges and bitcoin mining. In Montana’s industrial sector, it has gobbled up the languishing MSE property which now “is expected to be transformed into a bitcoin mining operation by the beginning of March” according to local reports.

The company hopes to employ 50 people at the site, and believes its investment will see between 75 and 100 million USD to get it up to par as a data center. Crypto Watt CEO Dan Burrell assured: “We’re confident we have a sustainable business model. We’re in this for the long term,” he told The Montana Standard

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