Nepal Continues Crackdown, Two More Bitcoiners Arrested

Whereas bitcoin exchanges and information are prized on other parts of the globe, in Nepal dealing in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency will get businesspeople arrested. After throwing nearly a dozen bitcoiners in jail not long ago, the government is at it again, arresting two others, pushing bitcoin further underground.

Nepal Names Names

In other parts of the world, where innovation is relatively freer and allowed to blossom, names like Ram Dhakal and Purusottam Dhar Tuladhar might be well-known convention circuit stars – gazillionaires much sought-after for their business drive. In Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal, those names are splattered online and in print as bitcoin criminals.

“The Central Investigation Bureau [(CIB)] of Nepal Police has arrested two persons for allegedly operating a bitcoin racket,” The Himalayan Times reports, “under the cloak of online technology business.” […]

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