New Blockchain-Based Startups Create New Opportunities for Healthcare

Blockchain technology has huge potential to disrupt a wide range of industries, ranging from data management, security and healthcare as a few examples.

The Blockchain can provide a new foundation and structure for health information management by making electronic medical records more efficient, without intermediaries and empowering patients to be the owners of their own records.

This way, a Blockchain-backed health information platform will be able to unlock the important value of interoperability and in turn, provide a reduction in costs to health providers and patients alike.

Hyperledger for a doctor-to-patient platform

The Medicalchain platform aims to utilize the Blockchain to improve health record storage. The different institutions such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, research and health insurers will be able to request permission to access a patient’s record in order to provide their services and record transactions on the ledger.

Medicalchain is going to partner with Civic: this will facilitate one of the ways in which doctors will be able to onboard themselves by using the Civic application integrated into Medicalchain…

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