New Coinbase Phishing Email is Rather Elaborate

Cryptocurrency users have seen many different types of scams over the past few years. Especially phishing emails have quickly become the new norm these past few months.  Coinbase users are being targeted by another scam email which fakes a device access login. A very deliberate attempt to trick users, although it remains to be seen how effective this campaign can be. Cryptocurrency users need to be made aware of these issues before they lose their money, though.

Coinbase is one of the most popular companies in the world of cryptocurrency. Not only are they an exchange, but also a wallet service for different currencies. It now turns out there is a new phishing scam circulating which aims to target users of the platform. As one would expect, a lot of other people are getting the same email, though. Never using the same email address for multiple exchanges makes it easier to spot these fake emails, though.

A new Coinbase Phishing Attempt

In this new Coinbase phishing email, users are alerted about a new device logging into their account. The device in question is usually an iPhone and uses a Russian IP address. Users are asked to authorize the login by visiting a link or visit a different link to block the login attempt. Both of these URLs will redirect users to a fake Coinbase website which is designed to harvest login credentials. Anyone falling for this scam is at risk of losing their account balance…

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