New Store Sells Cryptocurrencies for Regular Old Cash in Croatia

A “Bitcoin store” has opened doors in Croatia. It sells bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and even issues receipts. The shop is a welcome addition to the steadily growing crypto sector in the Balkan country. The team behind the project plans to expand to all major Croatian cities and even other countries in the region.

OTC Point of Sale Now Operational in Split

The new walk-in point of sale is located in the Croatian city of Split, a famous tourist destination on the Adriatic coast. The store on Hrvatske Mornarice Street currently offers direct sales of bitcoin, ether and other altcoins, Bitfalls reports. The premium is around 5 percent on top of the average prices at Coinmarketcap. Customers are given a receipt and proof of purchase for tax reporting purposes.

Bitcoin Store is arguably the first of its kind in the country, and probably on the Balkans. Bitkonan, the Croatian crypto exchange behind the project, has plans to offer similar OTC (over the counter) solutions to residents and guests of other major cities, starting from Zagreb and Rijeka. Its team also hopes to expand in the region, depending on demand for this kind of service in neighboring countries.

The cryptocurrency sector in Croatia, including crypto trading, has seen a rapid development. Bitfalls’ own project, Coinvendor, is already processing direct purchases of digital coins through bank transfers and its services are available globally. The Bitcoin Store in Split now adds another dimension, offering cryptocurrencies for fiat cash…

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