New Year, New Forks: World Bitcoin and Bitcoin Candy Expected Soon

The fork of Bitcoin Cash sparked a wave of airdrops and bitcoin-related fork projects in 2017. A new project, World Bitcoin (WBTC), is to fork at block 503,888 on or around January 12. Unlike other hard forks introducing new features to overcome Bitcoin’s limitations, WBTC will focus on building a ”global application infrastructure”, according to its website.

Fork at Block 503,888

The total amount of WBTC is 2.121 billion, among which 21 million WBTC will be managed by the WBTC Foundation for the purpose of marketing and building a global ecosystem and developing new features. After the fork, Bitcoin users can get WBTC an the ratio of 1 BTC =100 WBTC.

The team claimed that the President of Xunlei Ltd. (NASDAQ:XNET), Sean Zou, is one of their advisors, but Xunlei released an official announcement this Monday denying that Sean Zou is a member of the WBTC team. Xunlei added that investors should do their homework instead of blindly buying “rumors”.

The project has by far made their code available on Github, but wallet services are not launched yet.

Candy Only for Bitcoin Cash Holders

Another big block project called Bitcoin Candy (CDY) will fork Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at block 512,666. BCH holders can get CDY at the ratio of 1 BCH 1000 CDY.

The project aims to make bitcoin resistant towards a perceived growing threat of quantum computing. Although experts assert Bitcoin is already quantum-computing resistant, the team explained that:

As top technology companies like D-Wave, IBM and Intel are ramping up their investment in quantum computing research and development, the age of quantum computing will probably arrive in five to ten years. As such, ECDSA-based cryptocurrencies will become breakable by quantum computers. The CDY team will focus on experimenting with post-quantum signatures to secure cryptocurrencies.


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