No SegWit2x Makes Bitcoin Cash Shine Amidst Crypto Bloodbath

Market observers expected hot money to flow from Bitcoin to altcoins after the Segwit2x hardfork was cancelled. Instead, the entire altcoin market seems to have crashed along with Bitcoin, while Bitcoin Cash surges by 55% to reach $992.

Bitcoin takes the crypto market down

If altcoin backers hoped that the cancellation of Bitcoin’s November Segwit2X hard fork would result in the prices of altcoins increasing, they were sadly mistaken. The crash in price of Bitcoin (down $1,300 in the last two days) has been accompanied by almost altcoins crashing. Out of the top 40 cryptocurrencies by market cap, only Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and Dash have posted gains in the last 24 hours. People who were short Bitcoin and long altcoins were only half right.

Big blockers vs small blockers

The divide in Bitcoin was apparent a long time before the Bitcoin Cash fork was created and before Segwit2X was envisaged. The community is split on the issue of blocksize – between those who believe small blocks are essential to maintain decentralization and those who believe that larger blocks are necessary for Bitcoin to scale…

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