Parity Floats Fix for $160 Million Ether Fund Freeze

Work continues on a possible way to free up the more than $160 million worth of ether stuck in multi-signature wallets following a dramatic hack last week.

In a new update published today, the Parity software development team said that it is conducting a review of the incident and will be releasing a post-mortem report “in the next few days.”

The update indicates that there remains no immediate plan for addressing the frozen funds – although it’s been suggested that a network hard fork would be required to find a solution, perhaps as part of the “Constantinople” network upgraded planned for 2018. That said, the startup raised the option of EIP156 – a late 2016 proposal from ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin focused on freeing up money locked in certain types of contracts – as one possible approach.

“We have spent the last few days rigorously examining the events. While it is too early to decide on a fixed solution, EIP156 has been discussed for a significant time and has drawn support from various directions in the community,” the team wrote, adding: […]

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