Pilot Program KuvaCash Seeks to Bring Dash to Zimbabwe

A pilot program funded by the Dash treasury system called KuvaCash seeks to bring the cryptocurrency to Zimbabwe in response to the growing demand for cryptocurrencies and alternative means to store value and make payments.

Set to commence in Q2 of 2018, KuvaCash will introduce the first peer-to-peer localized cryptocurrency payment service to allow residents to exchange their digital currency into USD at any time, reducing transaction fees, and providing liquidity.

A free mobile app will be made available to locals, enabling them to trade, exchange to and from USD, as well as make mobile payments and top-ups. The initial launch will service agents that will facilitate the infrastructure on the ground, ensuring physical kiosks are available for Zimbabweans looking to opt for a supplementary method of payment.

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core, said that if the pilot in Zimbabwe is found to be successful, a reference roadmap will be created to implement the model to other markets that are suffering from hyperinflation and volatile economic conditions…

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