Pirate Mining Moving onto Android Phones?

Depending on how one looks at it, the scourge of malware pirate mining, or the ingenious alternative to advertising retail, has taken off in recent times. Sites like The Pirate Bay and Showtime have been found out for using Javascript to mine cryptocurrencies with users’ processing power.

However, the market for this manner of making cryptocurrency has started to spread as now a Russian app developer has tried to embed a puzzle game with a pirate crypto miner to utilize potentially millions of Android devices to mine cryptocurrencies.

A legal ‘Botnet’

Russian developer Alexey Khripkov has described his creation as a legal Botnet, indicating his distribution of a crypto mining laced game onto the Google Play store.

A Botnet is a horde of hacked computers that are controlled to perform a single task, utilizing the power of the mass. It is often used in DDoS attacks on websites.

Khripkov has through a wildly popular game on the Play Store received access to potentially millions of Android devices which he can utilize for cryptocurrency mining as a plan to monetize the efforts…

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