Plattsburgh Officials Want Bitcoin Miners to Vacate the Small Town

Last week officials from the small town of Plattsburgh New York filed a moratorium request against bitcoin mining operations that currently reside in the town and future mining endeavors. The proposal was issued by the Mayor’s office and cites concerned over electricity use and energy consumption.

A Moratorium Filed Against Bitcoin Miners in Plattsburgh

A few Plattsburgh politicians are concerned about bitcoin mining operating within the borders of the small American town. The town’s old paper mill is now occupied by a mining operation and residents from Plattsburgh have environmental concerns over energy consumption. Then on March 2 a local law has been proposed called §270-28-J under Chapter 270 which imposes a moratorium on commercial mining operations in the town of Plattsburgh. There will be a public hearing in regard to the discussion on March 15 at the Common Council Chambers.

“This local law shall impose a moratorium on applications or proceedings, or the issuance of approvals or permits for commercial cryptocurrency mining operations in the City of Plattsburgh,” explains the Mayor’s proposal. “The moratorium imposed by this local law shall be in effect for a period of eighteen (18) months from the effective date of this local law.”

Any firm, person, corporation, or other entity that shall establish, place, construct, erect or in any way site or locate a Commercial Cryptocurrency Mining operation described in this local law in the City of Plattsburgh in violation of the provisions of this Local Law shall be subject to, in addition to any penalties prescribed by state or local law, a civil penalty of not more than $1,000.00 for each day or part thereof during which such violation continues.


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