Poll Suggests Young Romanians Want to Pay with Crypto

More than half of Romanians living in cities know about cryptos, and 60 percent of people under 40 believe they are the future of payments. Half of young people want to pay with digital coins, according to a new poll. The survey shows growing awareness of cryptocurrencies in the country. Many of its citizens want to take advantage of the opportunities they present.

17 Percent of Romanians Plan to Buy Cryptocurrency Soon

According to the poll, 57 percent of Romanians in urban areas have heard of cryptos. Almost a third of them believe that they are the currencies of the future. 17 percent of the respondents admit they are planning to acquire digital coins within a year. Another 8 percent say they have already bought cryptocurrencies in the past 12 months.

“The fast development of the digital environment is pushing the limits in almost every field. It is not surprising that a payment instrument, which doesn’t know geographical borders, is becoming increasingly popular”, said Traian Nastase, managing partner of Isense Solutions – the company that conducted the study. The poll confirms that Romanians have started to become familiar with the term cryptocurrency. They want to keep up with the trends and take advantage of the opportunities generated by new technologies, he added.

Nastase also noted that cryptocurrencies remain a sensitive topic, as there is a very low degree of regulation in the market. “That is why any communication in that direction should be based on significant efforts to correctly educate and inform consumers”, the Isense representative said, quoted by local media…

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