Rapper Lil Pump is Accepting Bitcoin Via Lightning Network

Rapper Lil Pump is Accepting Bitcoin Via Lightning Network

18-year-old Colombian-American rapper Lil Pump (real name Gazzy García) just made a key move to increase awareness by accepting payments in Bitcoin.

Fans Can Buy Lil Pump Products with Bitcoin

While much of the music industry and crypto community (including Lil Pump) continue to mourn the passing of Nipsey Hussle, a Hip Hop star proactive in the cryptocurrency industry, the next generation is picking up the torch.

Lil Pump may be too young to settle the tab at a bar, but he’s already made the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for 2019. He also has a staggering 1.2 million followers on Twitter–and 17.8 million on Instagram. And a few nice cars as well.

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More importantly, he’s proven that he’s open to blockchain technology by accepting Bitcoin payments on his online store. This will give the younger generation and fans of his music around the globe to the world’s number one cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Payments Through the Lightning Network

You can now buy a Lil Pump T-shirt or keychain with bitcoin through the Lightning Network. This method gives users lower fees and faster transactions.

The Lightning Network is helping merchants take payment for smaller-ticket items such as coffee and music. This type of mini-transaction may not bring much fiat on-ramps, but it is spreading awareness throughout the wider community.

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Key Influencers Bringing Bitcoin to Young People

Bitcoin Google searches are already beginning to hit record numbers again during its current rally. And major Gen-Z influencers and artists like Lil Pump are playing their part in fostering more awareness.

With plenty of studies revealing that modern youth is more interested in cryptocurrencies than older generations, the importance of artists like this cannot be undermined.

Lil Pump’s move, in fact, comes shortly after YouTube’s number one star PewDiePie decided to live stream on a decentralized platform for the first time.

PewDiePie has a massive following made up largely of an audience between 18-24. Moving forward, these types of personalities will be key to spreading awareness about Bitcoin, blockchain, and decentralization.

Source: Rapper Lil Pump is Accepting Bitcoin Via Lightning Network