Russia: Blogger Who ‘Boasted’ About Crypto Wealth Beaten and Robbed For $425k

Russian cryptocurrency investor and blogger known online as Pavel Nyashin was attacked and robbed in his home in Leningrad Oblast the night of Jan. 14. The assailants stole funds worth 24 mln rubles ($425,000), according to local media.

Nyashin was tied and beaten while a group of masked assailants stole a safe containing cash and “essential documents.”

Nyashin, a self-made millionaire from cryptocurrency investing, had “boasted” about his wealth online and at meetings of well-known bloggers he attended, local media network NTV reports.

The crypto blogger told NTV in a video interview:

“They took the safe in the end, as they knew there was cash in the house. In it was a sum equivalent to 24 mln rubles, as well as a lot of essential documents.”

The 23-year-old Nyashin from St. Petersburg had previously made known about his successes online while advising on how to become rich from cryptocurrency, according to NTV, which ran an admonitory headline “Millionaire blogger beaten and robbed for boasting.” According to Russian-language cryptocurrency news outlet ForkLog, Nyashin is the founder of the YouTube channel on crypto trading that has almost 15,000 subscribers…

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