Russia Postpones “Crypto Ruble” Launch to Mid-2019

According to Arseni Scheltsin, the director of Russia’s Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association, the proposals on creating and regulating a national cryptocurrency will be officially presented in July 2018, while a full-fledge launch would take a year after that.

The development of regulatory documents for “crypto ruble” is carried out by the country’s Central Bank, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Finance, and the Presidential Administration.

“The required documents will be developed and presented this fall. They will be harmonized by the end of the year, and the launch itself will happen in mid-2019,” Mr. Scheltsin said.

He added that “crypto ruble” is developed as a digital counterpart of Russia’s national currency, while the security of its transactions will be ensured with a private blockchain, and the coin itself will not be mineable.

“Crypto ruble won’t be as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum as it won’t be mineable. Its exchange rate against ruble will remain steady, and there won’t be any sense in mining. It can’t be a trader’s toy. Checking cryptoruble will be possible via nodes,” Mr. Scheltsin stated.


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