Russians To Mine Bitcoin Close to a NATO Exercise in Norway

A serious Russian investment in a new mining facility in Norway has sparked questions – why here, why now? Russians are throwing a billion kroner into a project to install thousands of powerful computers mere kilometers from the scene of a large NATO exercise. The construction of the farm is expected to begin this summer, and Norwegian counterintelligence is already interested to know what’s in the arriving containers.

Russian Mining Farm in the Forests of Norway

The Russian New Mining Company, a well-known business offering industrial scale crypto mining solutions and opportunities, is working on a serious investment in Norway. It wants to install thousands of mining units in a new farm. Local companies are also participating in the project worth a billion Norwegian kroner (~$125 million USD).

Construction will start in August but eight containers of equipment have already been delivered to the site in the municipality of Alvdal. The region has already attracted crypto companies from Israel, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, and the US, offering low electricity rates and developed communications infrastructure. However, some have asked the question why Russians are so interested in Norway, when Russia offers good conditions for miners.

Trident Juncture 2018, the largest NATO-led military exercise in the history of the Nordic member-state, is set to begin on October 5, in the neighboring municipality of Tynset, mere kilometers from the planned concentration of Russian computing power. 40,000 troopers and 130 aircraft will be deployed south of Røros, a municipality in the Trøndelag county.

According to a publication by the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, the proximity of the Russian crypto mining facility to the theater of the planned maneuvers of the Alliance has attracted the attention of the Norwegian special services. Locals are also wondering – why the Russians have so suddenly chosen their area and why exactly now.

Some Say Computers Can Be Tweaked

The mining farm will be set up about 5 km northwest of Alvdal, on the edge of a dense forest. High capacity power and optical cables are already stretching there, and according to the Norwegian newspaper, the entire area looks like quarry. Representatives of Nordanvind, the company that oversees the construction, have already met with Norwegian authorities to provide details about the project.

“We believe that the arrival of the Russians [and the NATO exercise] here is a pure coincidence. It is easy to find out what kind of equipment they’ve brought in the containers. I don’t think that it can be used for anything else but mining bitcoins,” said Arund Løvik, a Nordandvind official. The company has been founded by seven municipalities and three companies from the Hedmark county with the initial goal to attract to its facilities giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. However, these efforts have been unsuccessful so far…

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