Satoshi Labs Launches New Bitcoin Hardware Wallet ‘Model T’ 

Satoshi Labs has just launched the first batch of the Trezor model T hardware wallets that feature a few new upgrades. One of the most noticeable features is the model T’s RGB LCD touchscreen display that utilizes an RM Cortex-M4 processor. Like the first Trezor model, the new device requires using the screen commands to execute actions tethered to confidential data. Another feature Satoshi Labs reveals is how the model T does not communicate with a computer when entering the PIN and just draws power until you confirm entry. “USB communications are enabled only after authentication,” says the wallet manufacturer.

“When you first hold the Trezor model T, the first thing you will notice is the staple of the model T — its large touchscreen,” explains Satoshi Labs. “Plug your new Trezor in, and the screen will illuminate you, showing off its vibrant colors, waiting for your instructions.” […]

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