Sci-Fi Movies to be Distributed via Ethereum’s Blockchain in 2018

New Frontiers is a five-part anthology of sci-fi films funded by cryptocurrency and produced and shared via blockchain technology, which begins production in 2018. To carry out this creative endeavor, SingularDTV teamed up with XYZ Films, Ground Control Entertainment, Producer Kyle Franke, and Directors Tyson Johnston, Ruairi Robinson, Stephan Zlotescu, and Zac&Mac.

SingularDTV is a blockchain-based entertainment studio that is “laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.” Along with these films, the launch projects on their Ethervision distribution platform include art, music, animation and non-profit endeavors. It will also be premiering a documentary directed by Alex Winter called Untitled Blockchain Film, which aims to explain blockchain, on its upcoming VOD platform.

The world in which the New Frontiers stories take place was created by Screenwriter Philip Gelatt, Producer Scott Glassgold and Ground Control Entertainment. The media site Futurism will also be an executive producer.

The five sci-fi films share a budget of about 9000 ether (the currency used on the Ethereum blockchain) or $5 million. The blockchain is a distributed network that secures data and transactions through cryptography, with Ethereum serving as an example which allows users to create decentralized applications in virtually any field. SingularDTV creates proprietary blockchain applications for the entertainment industry…

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