SEC may pay a reward for information about Tezos

The law firm urges investors to help her to investigate the case of Tezos and recalls that the US financial authorities pay a reward for providing information that will help to return money to investors.

US-based national investor-rights law firm Hagens Berman stated that it is investigating the case of the Tezos project, whose investors accuse its founders of misleading and violating US securities laws.

Tezos founders took advantage of the recent enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies and collected over $232 million worth of bitcoin and Ethereum from investors, the law firm writes in its statement. But then, “the Tezos project has stalled, and it’s now unclear that the investors will receive their Tezzies or XTZ anytime soon, as the Tezos founders and Dynamic Ledger Solutions, Inc. (DLS) are now engaged in a public fight for control over the Tezos Foundation, a Swiss foundation.” […]

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