Shitshow or Success? Bitcoin Gold’s Launch Has Been Anything But Smooth

An attack, a chain split and general chaos on social media aren’t getting the developers behind bitcoin’s latest fork down.

The bitcoin gold cryptocurrency, which split from bitcoin in October, at the time touting a new mining scheme, has had a rocky start since it launched its live network on Nov. 12.

Within the first day after its release, one of the network’s mining pools, “,” suffered a denial-of-service attack that took it offline for an hour and a half. Shortly after, the blockchain split when and another mining pool called Suprnova found blocks at the same time.

Eventually, one chain was ruled as the ledger of record, but not before mining was halted on the other chain and reset, erasing funds for some unlucky miners.

“It’s just been a mess with the opening – nodes not syncing and different heights of the blockchain and then restarting nodes and resetting and erasing miner’s totals,” said a bitcoin gold miner who wished to remain anonymous.

He added candidly:

“[It’s] just a shitshow.”

Still, observers might have a different reaction, as the difficulties appear to validate criticisms of the bitcoin gold developer team, which has come under scrutiny for deciding to set aside the first round of block rewards for the developer team.

Even MinerTopia, a crypto mining community that opened access to bitcoin gold, threw shade at the developers, tweeting, “It’s been sad since the day it launched. Very poor quality devs. They made their money now and ran and left the mess to all the pool owners and miners.”

‘No pump and dump’

That said, many in the bitcoin gold community remain optimistic that these early issues will be overcome with persistence and ingenuity.

One of the main complaints in the aftermath of the chain split, for example, came from miners wondering what happened to the bitcoin gold they had mined.

About $70,000-worth of bitcoin gold was lost in the decision to migrate to just one of the two chains, and in response, bitcoin gold developer Martin Kuvandzhiev said the miners who lost out are being given funds from the developer team’s own “pre-mined” stake.

He told CoinDesk: […]

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