Shrimp, Frogs, and Drugs Are Clogging the Ethereum Blockchain

Move over Cryptokitties. The ethereum network has a new batch of games to blame for rising gas fees. Over the past week, the viral success of dapps such as Ether Shrimp Farm, Ether Cartel, and Pepe Farm has congested the ethereum blockchain, questioning its readiness for enterprise adoption.

Ethereum Endures a Plague of Frogs and Shrimp

In the same week that Fedex announced plans to build a logistics tool on the ethereum network, fresh doubts over its readiness for enterprise use have emerged. A clutch of new games, created and nurtured in the depths of 4chan, has raised gas prices and show the fragility of the blockchain in its current state. While not as fatal as Cryptokitties, ethereum’s first viral onchain game, Ether Shrimp Farm and its spin-off Ether Cartel have still taken their toll on the network.

The former dapp requires users to hatch and sell shrimp in a bid to maximize production before ultimately exchanging eggs for ether. Ether Cartel, meanwhile, takes the same concept and applies it to drug running. The game “features a high tech automated market that lets you instantly buy or sell drugs with a single transaction. The more kilos you have, the more drugs they produce (each kilo produces at a rate of 1 per day). Collect more kilos with your drugs to multiply your production.” […]

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