Silent No More: Ethereum Users Spurn Recovery Code

The ethereum community has broken its silence over a move to better facilitate the return of funds lost on the platform.

In wake of the departure of ethereum developer Yoichi Hirai, who resigned from his role supervising the software’s changes Thursday, community members have stormed Github in resounding rejection of the controversial proposal over which he left his post.

In the last 24 hours, over 80 comments have been posted to the blockchain network’s official GitHub, with most stating they “do not support” or are “strongly opposed” to ethereum improvement proposal (EIP) 867, which details a method to standardize the use of system-wide software upgrades to return funds lost on the platform.

Often occurring as a result of faulty code, fund recovery is a sensitive topic for the platform, having previously led to the development of a rival cryptocurrency named ethereum classic.

The heated response, in which many are coming forward to express support for the developer, marks a sharp contrast to the silence earlier in the week, with some even writingthat the proposal is a “complete disgrace to the ethereum community.”

Speaking on the thread, developer William Entriken warned about the potential consequences of normalizing lost fund recovery in comments that showcased the emerging sentiment…

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