Since Twitter Won’t Stop Crypto Scammers, These Services Will

One of the most maddening things about lookalike Twitter scammers has been Twitter’s unwillingness to do anything about them. It’s not a complex problem to solve, and yet for months the micro-blogging service has prevaricated while the gullible public has given their ether away to flagrant scammers. A couple of third party services have now sprung up promising to solve the problem. If Twitter can’t stop crypto scammers, they will.

Developers Are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

Crypto scams have been plaguing Twitter all year. They usually involve the scammer mimicking the account of a crypto influencer and then replying to their tweets promising free ETH for anyone who sends a small amount initially. Why any benefactor should require cryptocurrency in order to send out more cryptocurrency to the donor is a mystery, but the nonsensical nature of the scam hasn’t prevented naive Twitter users from being defrauded of cryptocurrency.

Metacert Protocol and Scam Clerk are two recently launched services that promise to weed out scammers and make Twitter a better place for everyone. The former of these two solutions – Metacert – is a general anti-fraud project that’s making the leap to blockchain. Its Twitter scammer software is still in beta, but appears to be effective at warning the followers of a high profile account that the reply they’re viewing is that of a copycat and not the original poster. The tool then blocks the scam account. Metacert’s Cryptonite tool (not to be confused with the hashing algorithm of the same name) also alerts crypto holders to phishing websites via a green shield symbol that appears in the toolbar…

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