Slice of Caribbean Paradise on Sale Only With Bitcoin

Sitting with a price tag of £5.3 mln, 13-acres of a Caribbean island is up for sale, but it would mean you have to shell out just over 570 BTC as the sellers are adding to the Bitcoin adoption narrative stating they will only accept cryptocurrency for the property.

There are a number of expensive and luxury properties that have found their way onto the real estate market across the world with price tags only in Bitcoin. A luxury apartment in Notting Hill, a Miami mansion, but even a reasonable house in Grimsby, England, has garnered attention from Bitcoin buyers.

Bloody Bitcoin Bay

The tropical hideaway on Union Island in St Vincent and the Grenadines currently is only a piece of land on a bay called Bloody Bay. However, the sale does come with plans for a villa, as well as a beach bar.

The area has seen some major development, and much like Bitcoin is a burgeoning opportunity.

The land for sale is within a few minutes of a small airport linking Union Island with St Vincent and the other Grenadine islands.

On the neighboring Canouan Island, more than £150 mln has been spent by the owners of the famous Sandy Lane resort in Barbados on developing the Pink Sands Club.

Real Estate hype

While there has been a boom in Bitcoin real estate, its reasoning may not be as simple as a form of adoption.

There is obviously a fresh new wave of interest and keenness from individuals who are looking to accumulate the skyrocketing asset which is being classed as digital gold. By receiving Bitcoin over regular fiat, investors suddenly have a huge influx of a currency that seems unstoppable on its upward trajectory…

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