Survey Says 88% of Japanese Have Heard of Bitcoin

A recent survey of 10,000 men and women across Japan shows that 88% of them have heard of bitcoin. Among those that have bitcoin, 47% said that they have used it in retail stores but long-term investment is most respondents’ main reason for purchasing bitcoin.

88% Have Heard of Bitcoin

Global market research company with agencies in over 90 countries Macromill Group recently conducted a survey on the awareness and usage of bitcoin among the Japanese. Ten thousand men and women aged 20 to 69 across Japan participated.

The Japanese government legalized bitcoin as a method of payment in April. In July, they declared the sale of bitcoin free from consumption tax. Since then, more Japanese have been exposed to bitcoin online and offline, as more merchants start accepting the digital currency and promoting them in the process.

Among the 10,000 respondents, Macromill Group found that 56.2% said they have heard of bitcoin but do not know what it is. In contrast, 31.4% said they know what bitcoin is while 12.4% admitted they do not know what it is at all. The company summarized: […]

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