Sweden Expects to Attract Norwegian Miners Amid Concession Cuts

With Norway set to revoke electricity subsidies for cryptocurrency miners from January 2019 onward, Swedish data centers are anticipating a wave of inquiries from mining companies seeking to domicile in Sweden.

Data Centers See Demand from Miners Leaving Norway

Local media outlets have reported that Sweden’s data centers expect a wave of interest from miners leaving Norway, following reports that the government will repeal electricity concessions. As of January 2019, miners operating in Norway will have to pay the equivalent of $0.019 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), up from approximately $0.0056/kWh under the current subsidies. By contrast, Swedish data centers reportedly pay the equivalent of about $0.0055/kWh.

Swedish Municipality of Boden Seeks Miners

The Swedish municipality of Boden currently hosts about 10 cryptocurrency mining companies. But Erik Svensson, director of the Boden Business Agency, predicts that the number of miners in the locality will soon grow as companies begin to leave Norway.

“It is clear that … we are becoming very attractive,” Svensson said in reference to Norway’s revoked subsidies. “This is about … big money … and it’s definitely going to make it cheaper here.”

When asked if he will reach out to miners based in Norway, Svensson stated: “I think the companies in Norway are contacting us, they know where we are.”

Svensson also emphasized the potential benefits that increased investment from mining companies could bring to the locality. He estimated that there are “a few hundred people” currently employed by data centers in Boden. “As a result of revenue and activity in the municipality, we have started building Boden Business Park, where we will create hundreds of jobs,” he added…

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