There’s a Bitcoin Themed Card Game On Kickstarter Called ‘Bitcon’

There’s a new card game called ‘Bitcon’ that’s been introduced on Kickstarter that allows people to experience the cryptocurrency investment fever for amusement and laughs. The strategy game was created by two cryptocurrency investors who were tired of hearing about people doing unbelievable things like selling their home or using their student loan money to go ‘all in’ on a portfolio of digital assets.

Win Big or Lose it All Playin ‘Bitcon’

Two guys named Brandon and Sam who call themselves the ‘two stupid investors,’ created a tabletop card game that replicates cryptocurrency investing called ‘Bitcon.’ Basically, players are dealt a hand of five cards each and players draw cards in sequence to find out if the market goes up or down, or maybe even collapse. Alongside cards that move the market, there are also other action cards like the ‘Reverse the Market’ card which changes the direction of the current market trend. There’s also the ‘Cash Out’ card which can enable a player to cash out and cause the next player to pick up the remaining cards. Moreover, each deck of Bitcon cards has three ‘Pop’ cards — a card that serves as market collapse warning and when the last card is used the bitcoin market crashes and the game ends.

The two creators who designed the Bitcon card game say they kept hearing about individuals doing wild and unbelievable things to obtain bitcoin. Then soon scouring Reddit forums and social media their game concept became an amusing simulation showcasing the risks and rewards tied to cryptocurrency investments…

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