Three New Cryptocurrency Platforms That Help Monetize Our Time

The promise of a new economy built upon a decentralized government can offer a number of benefits to millions of people across the globe. More and more cryptocurrency platforms are being created to ensure faster, more secure payments, data protection, lower transaction fees and other advantages accessible to anyone who wishes to participate.

And as crypto platforms get more creative to offer individuals a number of rewards via tokens, a new “proof of time” protocol is emerging to help users monetize every minute of their day. Just imagine living in a society where people get rewarded for their time spent playing video games or reading articles online.

This concept is exactly what three emerging cryptocurrency platforms aim to achieve. Mytime, Stream and Brave Browser are all offering tokens for the time people spend using services, creating video content and even browsing the internet. Rather than feeling like time is being wasted, these platforms are helping users — and service providers — make the most of every minute of their days…

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