Two EOS Gambling Platforms Fall Prey to $260,000 Hack

Smart contracts on two EOS gambling platforms have been hacked in the last four days to the tune of more than a quarter of a million dollars, with another platform paying out $600,000 to one user in an unusual-looking jackpot which EOSBet insists was simply luck.

DEOSGames Hacked — $24,000 Stolen

The first and more minor hack occurred on Sept. 9 when a DEOSGames user named runningsnail went on what appeared to be quite the winning streak, with $1,000 payments made dozens of times. The user would deposit 10 EOS and then win the jackpot 30 seconds later, like clockwork, a suspiciously-automated process which can be seen here in the user’s eosflare account overview.

DEOSGames confirmed that its smart contract had been hacked, spinning the malicious exploit as “a good stress test” in a short statement released on social media.

EOSBet Hacked — $236,000 Stolen

Yesterday, /u/EOSBetCasino released a statement on Reddit explaining the nature and scale of a smart contract hack resulting in a major loss of funds.

“Dear EOSBet Community,

On September 14th around 3:00AM UTC we experienced a hack and breach of our bankroll, resulting in a theft of 44,427.4302 EOS before our contracts were taken offline by the development team. The remaining 463,745 EOS in our EOSBETDICE11 and EOSBETCASINO contracts are safe, the vulnerability is patched, and we are back online. We want to be as transparent as possible in explaining this breach and addressing any concerns the community might have.”

The hacker exploited a flaw in the code that allowed them to bypass the esio.token ->transfer function, which meant that their funds were not deposited to the smart contract. Whenever they lost, they didn’t have to pay, but if they won they would win real funds which could then be cashed out, essentially allowing them to gamble in a consequence-free casino dishing out free money…

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