Upcoming Blockchain ICO Takes On Central Banks In Fight To Decentralize Small Business Financing

When seasoned ICO investors visit Debitum Network’s official website, they may be curious to learn how a small team of finance experts is tackling a $1.53 trillion dollar global credit gap. Investors could qualify to become early token holders in what’s quickly becoming one of the most disruptive finance solutions for financially starved small businesses across the world.

Since the company unveiled a demo product earlier this year, traditional banks have scrambled to tighten regulation, and with good reason…

Founders of business financing blockchain startup, Debitum Network, say they have research that suggests small businesses around the world have a severe lack of access to credit.  The founders went on to say, “The current credit gap is estimated to be an astonishing $1.538 trillion, and it’s clear who’s to blame”.

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Since the beginning of the year, a team of proven fin-tech professionals have been quietly developing a Blockchain powered small business finance solution to secure and distribute fiat investments to the SME world.

It’s called Debitum Network, and it’s powered by the Ethereum blockchain.  It boasts an incredibly smart Decentralised Hybrid ecosystem that unites borrowers, and local finance professionals – the first of it’s kind – that’ll soon negate the need for highly constrained and strictly over-regulated financial intermediaries.

Instead of going the traditional route of raising money through Venture Capital and Angel Investors, the three co-founders have invested their own time and capital to produce the first iteration of the network before announcing their very own coin offering…

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