US Department of Defense Submits Blockchain Proposal for Approval

The US Department of Defense has submitted the National Defense Authorization Act to President Donald Trump to be approved and signed into law.

Identifying National Security Potential of Blockchain Technology

Section 1646 entitled “Briefing on the Cybersecurity Applications of Blockchain Technology” explicitly described the use case of blockchain technology in national defense and the applicability of an immutable ledger for the protection of sensitive information.

The approval of the bill will lead to extensive research and development on various areas and applications of blockchain technology. The law stated that the US government would be required to provide:

  1. A description of potential offensive and defensive cyber applications of blockchain technology and other distributed database technologies;
  2. An assessment of efforts by foreign powers, extremist organizations, and criminal networks to utilize such technologies;
  3. An assessment of the use or planned use of such technologies by the Federal Government and critical infrastructure networks; and
  4. An assessment of the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure networks to cyber attacks.

Bill to Mark Further Research

In the upcoming months and throughout 2018, the authorities and researchers within the US Department of Defense will demonstrate practical use cases of blockchain technology outside of the realm of finance.

In an extensive blog post, Navy Lt. Commander Jon McCarter revealed that the US Navy is exploring the usage of blockchain technology in Naval Additive Manufacturing, specifically to share information throughout the manufacturing process of naval equipment on a secure and censorship-resistant ledger…

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