Wall Street and Chicago Big Names are joining the Bitcoin Wagon

Bitcoin has proven itself as a great digital asset thanks to the tremendous increase in its price. After a great deal of reluctance, Wall Street and Chicago financial pros have also joined the Bitcoin bandwagon, looking to get a share of what this digital currency offers.

Earlier in the year, we saw Wall Street pros such as Josh Brown and Bill Miller testing the Bitcoin waters, stating that if the digital currency survived the August split, then it would likely gain traction among financial industry professionals.

Many industry experts have been skeptical about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, with many claiming that it cannot sustain the high prices and that it’s just a bubble waiting to pop. The true believers of this cryptocurrency have been pressing on, investing their hard-earned paychecks in the hope of future profits as the prices continues to hit record highs.


Professionals and Industry Experts Now Embracing Bitcoin

With the mainstream industry covering more stories on Bitcoin, more and more people are gaining interest on what this digital currency has to offer. This has made the demand to surge, with exchanges such as Coinbase claiming to have registered more than 10,000 new accounts in just a few days. Just recently, the price of Bitcoin smashed past the $10,000 mark, and a few days later, broke the $18,000 barrier before falling back to just over $16,000…

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