Wikipedia Co-Founder Joins Blockchain Startup Everipedia as CIO

Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, has joined blockchain startup Everipedia as chief information officer. Everipedia is building the world’s first encyclopedia on the blockchain which incentivizes content creators by allowing them to become stakeholders in the encyclopedia network themselves.

Originally started in 2015 as a more modern alternative to Wikipedia, Everipedia is now developing a new open source, peer-to-peer wiki network with an incentive structure and a distributed backend hosted within a blockchain. The company claims the new model would make feasible a fully autonomous encyclopedia without the need for advertisements or donations.

veripedia co-founder and CTO Travis Moore said the platform intends to “empower users in a whole new way” by decentralizing the knowledge base and allowing every editor to be rewarded for their work.

Now with Sanger joining the team, Moore said his added expertise will help “amplify Everipedia’s rapid growth and reputation as a reliable source of information by and for the people.” […]

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