Will You Marry Me, on the Blockchain?

Most people think of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum when they hear about the Blockchain. But in case you haven’t noticed, Blockchain technology has moved far beyond cryptocurrencies over the past few years.

Along with Artificial Intelligence, the Blockchain has now established itself as the next big thing in the realm of technology. From helping create a decentralized internet to simplifying cross-border payments, blockchain technology is setting up the platform for a whole new series of innovations across sectors.

Perhaps, the most interesting and unforeseen of these innovations are smart contracts for marriage.

Blockchain Tech is Changing Everything, Including Marriage

Over the past couple of years, the concept of a smart contract that digitally triggers any number of events on the basis of pre-agreed metrics has become increasingly popular in the financial sector. For example, it is widely in use for trading where stock transfers happen automatically based on certain pre-specified criteria.

With the multifaceted advantages it brings along, it was only a matter of time till blockchain-powered smart contracts started influencing other aspects of life as well. And finally, in August 2014, things reached a whole new level as the first ever ‘blockchain wedding’ took place…

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