Williams Martini Racing First F1 Team to Adopt Blockchain Tech

formula oneWilliams Martini Racing, one of the world’s leading Formula One teams, is known for its relentless innovation, and the motorsport team relies heavily on technology to gain an edge on its rivals. Now, the team has announced that it is looking at blockchain technology to help deliver a competitive advantage.

Williams has won 16 FIA Formula One World Championships and scored 114 victories since it was founded by Frank Williams in 1977. With a global following, more than a billion people tune into Formula One races.

The team is now investigating how it can use blockchain technology, and has partnered with enterprise middleware technology provider Omnitude to explore how blockchain could be implemented across the team’s operations in a demanding data-driven environment.

Williams Martini Racing has signed a multi-year partnership with Omnitude to explore the potential applications of blockchain in the team’s everyday business, from supply chain provence to merchandising.

Speaking about the partnership with Omnitude, Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal of Williams Martini Racing, said: “

Williams prides itself on speed of innovation and engineering excellence. We welcome the opportunity to form a close partnership with Omnitude and provide the ideal environment to showcase radical new technologies that have the power to transform the capabilities of businesses around the world.”


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