Xapo Reveals Fortified Military Bunker for Storing Bitcoin

Xapo, the company owned by Wences Casares, recently allowed a reporter to visit their secret ex-military bunker in the Swiss Alps where they store Bitcoin for important clients.

There are times when the real world can be as surreal and fantastic as a movie. Case in point is the recent article written by Joon Ian Wong for Quartz and the World Economic Forum detailing his trip to a secret military bunker in the Swiss Alps. Is he visiting the bunker to view gold deposits? Priceless artwork? No, the answer is that the ex-military bunker is used by the Xapo company to store Bitcoin for their clients.

A Base Worthy of a Bond Villain

The location of the bunker is a secret, but it is placed within a granite mountain in the Swiss Alps. The bunker served as the Swiss army’s secret headquarters during the Cold War and was built in 1947. Now it is operated by the Deltalis company and is a 10,000 square-foot data-center that fills a space dug over 320 meters into the mountain itself.

The bunker is used by Xapo to store private, cryptographic keys used to access wallets. The reporter was told by his guide that he has taken a number of clients with millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin to tour the vault. Needless to say, such a site is a huge target for hackers and criminals, so the security precautions are off the hook…

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