XRP is Still on Track to Reach $2 Next Year

It is always interesting to look at digital currency price predictions. In most cases, these estimates are pretty solid in the long run. When it comes to XRP, however, the opinions tend to differ quite a lot. Most people ignore this asset or think it will “die a horrible death”. Others see RIpple’s native asset head to $2 in 2018. It is hard to tell which party is right in this regard. There are a lot of people who wouldn’t mind seeing XRP soar.

One thing people often tend to overlook are the strong fundamentals for Ripple’s native asset. While it is not a cryptocurrency, that doesn’t make it less viable and valuable. It is not something the average person on the street will use themselves. Then again, neither is Bitcoin or Ethereum these days. All of these “niche markets” still have their own value and XRP will be no different. One difference, however, is how this digital asset is being used by banks and financial service providers…

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